Welcome to the Hopewell Family. Hopewell is one of the oldest churches in Texas established in the
1850’s. And yes while we may be old, we are new! Hopewell is now more like a new church start. I
became pastor September 2013 with a hand few of people but a sweet dedicated group who want the
church to grow and reach the community of Hopewell and beyond. God has blessed our attendance
by doubling it (and during the summer months at that) and adding to the church. While Hopewell is
committed to the preaching and teaching the Word of God, we are just as passionately as to live out
faith daily. We believe we have two purposes in life LOVE GOD | LOVE PEOPLE. We have seen lives
saved, baptized, people joining and people serving the Lord. We are blessed with a large facility to serve
the Hopewell community. Recently Hopewell began a Hispanic Sunday School. We are seeing explosive
growth there as well. Our worship services are more blended but not traditional as some. We need
you and you need Hopewell! Please come check us out one Sunday; you may find that you are called to
serve here and make Hopewell your home.

Meet the Hopewell Staff – Click Here